Taper E-Zine Submission Checklist

Taper eZine submissions for new digital poems written in HTML5 are due this Friday, April 15th. I wrote a brief note to help authors with their submission.

Have you scanned through prior issues? The publication is inspired by the constrained creativity of the OuLiPo and the demoscene. Our previous issues show off work that innovates on some measure of literary and programming merit. Use the header menu to navigate through the issue. Examine the page source of pieces you like. Try to work through how the effects are created. These Creative Commons-licensed works are often remixed into new submissions, with new spins on the verses or coding techniques. Questions or comments on a piece? You can read more and find contact information for each author on the issue’s about page.

Have you used the provided template? Taper provides a publication template for each issue. Submissions should fit within the closing header and body tags. Don’t mess with the header of the template. Also, no external libraries are allowed so that each piece is a self-contained work of art.

Does your piece reflect the theme of that issue? Each issue has a particular theme, often related to the issue number. For example, Pent-up was inspired by pandemic lockdowns and the associations with pentagrams or the number 5. This information may also go into the comment section of your submission.

Did you adhere to the size constraint? Taper has a very strict size limitation for each publication. It is not uncommon for works to be code-golfed to fit the submission requirements. Often authors put a human readable version for education and examination in the comments section when their code is minimized. For Taper #8, there is a 2kB size constraint. You can use a tool to verify your work conforms to the size requirement and is a valid W3C file.

Have you written a creative statement? Editors like to read your thoughts about the piece, and hear any background about the work. It is also good form to make sure you cite inspirations and references. Sometimes these comments give clues to how to play with the pieces. A succinct creative statement is not required, but appreciated by future readers.

Did you submit it correctly? Make sure you zip up your file and email it to the editorial committee before the deadline. The deadline for Taper#8:8-Bit Nostalgia is due this Friday, April 15th AoE (Anywhere on Earth). We hope that you will share with us your tribute to memories of the 8-bit world, or meditations on the number 8.

That’s it and good luck with your entry!




Helping people reach out and touch someone, feel connected and appreciate the beauty of human senses.

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Angela Chang

Angela Chang

Helping people reach out and touch someone, feel connected and appreciate the beauty of human senses.

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